Terms and Conditions


On arrival, you are personally informed by the European Sport Events staff regarding the schedule of your program, the sports event, the way to the camps, the hotel accommodation, meals, excursions etc..

European Sport Events staff is available during your stay in case you have any questions.

European Sport Events reserve the right to make changes in the program.

European Sport Events accepts no liability whatsoever for the omission or partial omission of the sports program due to circumstances beyond their control.

In some cases European Sport Events acts as an intermediary during the execution of the desired program.


European Sport Events is not responsible for damage of any nature suffered during or in relation with the tour unless such damages have been caused by gross negligence on the part of the organization. We do not accept responsibility for any death, personal injury or loss of or damage to property other than to the extent that it results from our gross negligence.
 The cost of any damage caused by you or any participant you have booked on the course to any property or facilities will be passed on to you. We do not accept liability where boarding or entry is refused for the following reasons: lateness of arrival for check-in, failure to hold a valid passport, or insufficient funds. European Sport Events will not be held responsible should any group member suffer personal injury, illness or death by misadventure on the tour.


We recommend our clients to arrange travel insurance before the trip. Each participant must have a special insurance for sports athletes. Athletes in any sport, whether amateur or professional, when travel to other countries nearby or half way around the world to compete needs a special travel health insurance. European Sport Events is not responsible for damage or injury during or in relation with the event.

We strongly advise you to check your cover if you buy your own travel insurance. For teams who come from one of the European Union countries, we recommend to carry a European health insurance card when travelling to Spain. Participants with any medical problems are strongly advised to consult their doctor before embarking on any tour, and to advise the doctor of any activities which they will participate in.

You must ensure that the participant is physically fit and able to participate in the sporting activities and accordingly you accept all risks resulting from participation in the course.
In the event that the participant needs medical attention during any course you agree that we may provide and/or arrange for any appropriate and necessary treatment.


During the event, Video footage and photographs may be taking for promotional purposes of European Sport Events. If there are any concerns regarding inappropriate or intrusive photography, these should be reported only via e-mail to European Sport Events address (bcn@eusportevents.com).


Cancellations for any reason must be made in writing only via e-mail to European Sport Events. If any member of the group wishes to cancel, the remaining passengers in the group must pay any increased charges due to the cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy
Days before the beginning of the event Cancellation charge
31 days or more 40% of entry fee
15 – 30 days 60% of entry fee
Less than 14 days 100% of entry fee

* Please note that all Deposits are non-refundable.